Urchin/Crab Panama Expedition 2018: Day 14

This is going to be a boring blog post.

2 weeks in Panama already!

Today was not much different from yesterday with the exception that I finished lab work early: at 21:30 already! We started at 6:30, spent most of the day collecting at Islas Secas and came back in the afternoon for dissecting crabs and culturing bacteria. Most of the dilutions are growing well! Even the ones in the anaerobic chambers.

Alexandra and I decided to drive back to Panama City tomorrow morning. We collected a lot. I just typed 228 samples for microbiome analysis into the google sheet, including 13 different porcelain crab species and three different tissues. At the moment there are 45 plates harboring tissue samples for bacteria and 50 bacterial cultures in glycerol. This means that I will have to finish a lot of lab work during the next couple of days. Every extra day counts. I am looking forward to enjoying the luxury that comes with a real molecular genetic laboratory at the STRI facility in Naos.

Last evening of doing lab work at the Casa Laguna B&B


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