A few videos of our urchin/crab Panama expedition 2018

Below you can find a few videos from our Panama collection expedition in 2018. Most of the videos were taken during porcelain crab collections.


Here in the first video, Alexandra is showing us how to find porcelain crabs in Bocas del Toro at Hospital Point. Note the bad visibility and strong current under water!


Here we are looking for porcelain crabs in the mangrove roots, right outside the STRI field station at Bocas del Toro:


And I found one!!!


Before getting out of the water we decided to quickly look under the boat dock.


The following videos were taken on the other side of the isthmus in the Pacific Ocean.


This is Playa Hermosa. Porcelain crab heaven!


For the end a sequence of snorkeling at Islas Secas:

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