Monthly Archives: November 2018

Back to Panama!

Laetitia showing California crabs to Amy and Jolie

First an update on all the samples Laetitia and I collected in February… we’re still working on identifying all of the isolates from the crabs and urchins.   We’ll post some sort of summary when it’s all done.

Tomorrow it’s back to Panama (well Laetitia is already down there).   Jonathan and I fly out tomorrow, along with Raquel Peixoto, a visiting professor from Brazil.   There we will meet with a couple dozen other marine microbiome researchers… both from STRI and from other institutions.   The title of the meeting/workshop is “From model organisms to ecosystems: scaling-up our understanding of host-microbe symbiosis in the sea“.  Laetitia, Jarrod, and Matt have been working tirelessly for months on organizing this workshop and I’m excited to hear all the cool talks and discussions!

There will also be a bit field work and touring around Bocas del Toro.   I’ll probably post daily reports of the meeting and the sights.  Stay tuned…