Panama meeting day #1

Playing with the underwater camera.

Long travel day today… started with our 1am departure from San Francisco, followed by the 7 hour flight to Panama city.  Bought a SIM card for the phone, then off by taxi to to domestic airport (Albrook).  Wandered around a bit waiting for our flight and then on the turbo-prop airplane out to Bocas del Toro.   Really interesting to be back so soon… I hadn’t planned to come back so it’s fun to have the sense of the familiar at the station and the town here.

First item on the agenda was testing out the ROV (underwater robot) that Jonathan brought with him.   I jumped in the water to check out the fish and get some underwater pictures of the ROV.  Jonathan played around with the toy important scientific device… got some good HD video

Sunset from the station

of fish under the dock.   Watched a nice sunset from the station and then headed into town for dinner and drinks with various folks affiliated with either the station the workshop or both.  All in all a great but very long day!   I don’t have the underwater pictures but here’s a few from my cell phone to whet the appetite.   The meeting partially starts tomorrow and begins in earnest on Tuesday.  Looking forward to it!

Jonathan in the water

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