Wrap up of #istmobiome meeting in Panama

Classic beach shot

The last day of the “From model organisms to ecosystems: scaling-up our understanding of host-microbe symbiosis in the sea” #istmobiome meeting in Panama was yesterday.   After a few days of really productive discussions (and awesome field trips!) the last morning was dedicated to outlining a white paper on these topics.  Keep an eye on this space for updates on that process!   It was a great meeting and I wanted to again thank Jarrod, Matt, and Laetititia for all of their working organizing the meeting.  And also to all the folks at STRI who made it possible, both from a scientific and logistical perspective.

In the afternoon we split into various groups… some went fossil hunting, some went surfing, some went looking for lucinid claims (and snorkeling), some flew back to Panama City, and I went fishing (shocker).  Had some good luck out on the reef on the east side of the island.   Those of us that were left went out for a great dinner in the evening.

Miraflores locks on the Panama Canal

Most of the remaining folks left Bocas very early… a couple of people were coming on later flights.  Jonathan, Raquel, and I went to check out the Miraflores locks on the Panama Canal and then head to the airport.   Laetitia stayed in Bocas for more fieldwork.

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